Roatan Illinois Location

Shipping Donations to Roatan

Shipping your donations to Roatan is a two stage shipping process:

  1. From your location to Florida:

    You will need to pack up and send your donations from your location to Hyde Shipping in Florida. Hyde is our designated overseas carrier which will transport our goods from the U.S. to Roatan. Everything must be to their dock the week of May 26 through May 30 – and no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday, May 30. You will have some planning to do:

    1. If your shipment isn’t too large, you can plan to simply ship in plain old boxes, you can ship them yourself via your preferred method (UPS, etc.) or contact the shipping source we’ve designated below – they are happy to help.

    2. If your shipment is large, it is recommended to palletize your shipment:
      1. If you plan to palletize the goods yourself, you will save both money and time. In order to meet the May 26 through May 30 arrival date, our shipping contact (detailed information is below) can assist you with the exact pick up date to have everything on a palette(s) ready to go.

      2. If you cannot palletize yourself, you can have someone do it for you. This will add both time and money! If you require assistance with palletizing your items, you should plan to have everything boxed and ready for pick up at your location on or about May 5. The shipping contact we’ve identified below will source a local packing company to pick up your boxed items, have them palletized (there will be a fee) and arrange for delivery to Hyde shipping in Florida – in this case you will more than likely pay two separate companies (one to pack the items and the shipping company).

  2. From Florida to Roatan, Honduras:

    Everything will be shipped out of Florida to Roatan, Honduras via Hyde Shipping (aka Hybur). Hyde has not yet posted their official shipping schedule – but they are tentatively scheduled to sail out of Florida on Monday, June 2 and arrive Friday, June 6.

Below is more information about timing, costs and helpful contacts to call upon to ensure our donations arrive in Roatan on time and that we can get them out of customs without unexpected issues:

  1. Shipping from your location to Florida:
    1. There are a number of shippers in the U.S. to help you ship from your location to Hyde Shipping in Florida. We’ve done some research and found a great company called They service all of North America and will shop for the best price! When we priced shipping a 300 lb. pallet from CA to FL, their best price quote started at $261.

      1. Contact Shannon Donahue - Account Manager - 800-716-7608 ext: 1003 (website Shannon is ready to help and will walk you through the entire process – she is an expert!

        1. If you are going to palletize the items yourself, Shannon will give you great advice on how to package the shipment. She will even provide hints on how to weigh your package so that together you can estimate shipping costs.

        2. If you need help with palletizing your items, Shannon can arrange for someone to pick up your packed boxes and take them to a local company that will palletize everything for you. Again, this will be more expensive and take more transit time - but if you aren’t a packing/shipping expert, it will be worth the extra $$ and time. Shannon will need to know the number of boxes, approximate weight and will walk you through everything – she can even provide you a quote to palletize your items. This process will take more shipping time so make sure you are ready to go by May 5th!
    2. Prior to shipping

      1. i. Know the estimated value of your goods. NOTE: if the declared value of your shipment is more than $1,000 you will need a customs broker to participate in the customs/pick up process in Honduras – this will add at least 3 days to the pickup and release of goods process in Roatan.

        We have a customs broker in Roatan ready to help us and we will help coordinate his involvement for our group. It is important for you to know that the value of your shipment is based on the estimated value of goods AND the shipping costs - they get you coming and going! E.g. if your goods are valued at $500 and your shipping cost from Florida to Roatan is $300, the total value of your shipment is deemed to be $800. If the total value of your goods and shipping is less than $1,000, you will not need a customs broker and we will handle the pick-up/customs process ourselves when we arrive.

      2. The customs officials in Roatan will open every box and verify the contents to determine if the value you have assigned is reasonable. Proof of costs (receipts) can be helpful, if you have them. If you are shipping large value items, we definitely recommend you have the original invoice indicating the amount you paid for the item in order to prove the value. Without that proof, the customs officials may assign a value they deem reasonable and impose extra import taxes and duty fees.

    3. You will ship your items to Hyde in Florida. Juan Llambes ( is our contact – he can be reached at 305-913-4923. You must mark you your items attention True Blue Kids – Georgette Cutler, Roatan Honduras.

      1. Include an itemized packing slip that indicates everything contained in the shipment in both English and Spanish.

      2. Ship to (must arrive no later than 2:00 pm Friday, May 30):
        Hyde Shipping
        c/o True Blue Kids – Georgette Cutler, Roatan Honduras
        10025 N.W. 116th Way
        Medley, FL 33178

  2. Shipping from Florida to Roatan, Honduras.

    1. Juan at Hyde Shipping will send your items to our designated consignee in Roatan:

      True Blue Kids, Georgette Cutler
      PHONE (504) 2445-1471 office

    2. When your items are on their way to Hyde, contact both Juan at 305-913-4923 and Pam Gill at Cal Elite ( – 949-589-1512 ext. 16) to advise:

      1. The tracking # and information of your shipment – including when it expected to arrive (Shannon or your U.S. shipper will provide all of this to you and remember it must arrive in Florida the week of May 26 through May 30).

      2. The number of pallets or boxes sent, the total declared value and an itemized packing list that includes estimated value of all items and an itemized packing list in both English and Spanish - it seems crazy – it’s not that bad and there a lot of good free translation websites to help!

    3. Once your pallet(s) arrives in Florida, Juan will calculate the overseas shipping fee to Roatan and contact you to set up an account and get payment. Your shipment will have its own bill of lading.

    4. Customs fees will be paid in Roatan when we pick everything up at the docks. Duty and import tax fees are approximately 32% of the total shipping costs plus the estimated value of items shipped - for example: estimated value = $500 + $250 shipping = $750 – estimated duties and import taxes = $240. Georgette will be arriving early and will arrange to get our goods out of customs. We will contact each of you to arrange for pre-payment of your estimated duty and taxes so that we can get these funds from you before we leave so that – well quite honestly so that Cal Elite is not called upon to advance quite that much in terms of customs fees. Jett and Lynn would have no credit card funding left for cervezas on the beach.

  3. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pam Gill at Cal Elite at (949) 589-1512 ex. 16 or