How to Find the Best Dance Class for Your Child

Whether it’s ballet, hip-hop, or jazz, dance lessons are an exciting way to incorporate more physical activity into your kids’ routine. After watching an exciting episode of So You Think You Can Dance, you may be ready to jump in the car and find the nearest dance studio for kids, but before you do, know that not all dance classes are created equal. While dance classes provide a fun physical outlet for kids, it’s important to find a class that suits your child’s unique interests, abilities, and personality.


Variety is Key

There are a variety of dance classes for girls and boys alike, so a class that introduces children to different types of dance is an important step in making sure your child has a positive dance experience. A beginning class that includes exposure to 2-3 disciplines will provide your child with a well-rounded foundation. Ballet classes will, for example, have a different feel and entail learning different skills than hip-hop or jazz. Another helpful idea to consider is to take your child to a recital or performance to see what dancing is all about. Doing this can also give your child a bigger picture of what they would be working toward, thereby offering an incentive to attend and do their best. Even if you have a child who is just getting around on their tiny feet, there are really fun dance classes for toddlers, like Twirly Bees and Tutsi Toes.


Watch and Learn

The best method for choosing a facility that offers dance lessons for kids, is to observe the class in person. You can also browse the internet or ask around in your community to find the best-rated dancing schools. Come prepared with a list of criteria to ask about and look for, such as faculty credentials, cleanliness, and safety precautions. It’s important to make sure you send your child to a clean, friendly, and trustworthy school that will focus on having fun and staying active!


Listen to Interests

First and foremost, initiate open communication with your child. Nobody knows what interests them better than they do, after all. Are they interested in ballet? Hip-hop? Jazz? Tap? Definitely take into account your child’s personal preferences when searching for dance classes for boys or girls. Even before that, be sure your child realizes what goes into dance lessons and that they require time and commitment.


Dance classes are a fun way to get your child moving, but you should make sure to choose a proper dance facility before signing up for class. Visit around to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the process. Communicate with your child about their preferences and any responsibilities they may not be aware of. Introduce them to different kinds of classes, observe classes in action to reduce anxiety, and most importantly, remember it’s fun!


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