Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Little Gymnast

When your budding gymnast is enrolled in classes and enjoying every moment, you’re likely looking for a way to keep their energy levels high. And there’s possibly no better way to support your kid’s health than by giving them proper nutrition at the right time. If you can teach your child about healthy snacks that can fuel their health and equip their bodies for activity, you’re setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Here’s what you need to know to help them flourish.


Before: Keep it Light


Whether your little one has gymnastics practice that day or not, it’s important they get in the habit of eating a robust, healthy breakfast with protein, good fats and complex carbs. This will fuel their brains and bodies for the entire day and set them off to a good start.


In the hour or so prior to class, offer a snack kids will love that is also light and easy to digest. Something like an apple and peanut (or almond) butter is a great way to get healthy fats, protein and fruit carbs into your little gymnast’s body so they can have the fuel they need to leap and bend.


During: Keep it Simple


When it comes to sports nutrition for kids, the most important thing is that they’re staying hydrated throughout their workout. Give them plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks or snacks. If they absolutely need a snack during practice, offer simple carbs like dried mango or healthy granola made with minimal sugar.


After: Keep it Well-Rounded


When your child is done with class, it’s the perfect time to give them ample healthy snacks to help rebuild their muscles (and soothe growling tummies). Some of the best options include smoothies made with fresh fruit and almond or coconut milk, banana slices and nut/seed butter, rice cakes, avocado on whole grain bread, plain yogurt with fruit, or trail mix (look out for added sugar). The goal is to get as many nutrients and healthy fats, proteins and complex carbs into your kid’s body post-workout as possible. And, of course, always more water!


When you pair sports nutrition for kids and gymnastics, you’re giving them the tools to be successful in their favorite activities – and life. Contact us if you’d like more information about how to prepare your child for our gymnastics programs.