Cal Elite’s productions are recognized across the nation as the premier children’s athletic performances, featuring the talents of child gymnasts, dancers, acrobats, aerialists and tumblers. This year the Spring Show is “Moana”. Every Cal Elite child performs- from our tiniest to our national champions! Our choreographers create routines for each class that incorporate 10-15 required skills appropriate to each level. Technical skills are emphasized in class weeks before the choreography and music are introduced. The routines integrate gymnastics, apparatuses, dance floors, tumbling floors, trampolines, silks, and other equipment. Through all the creativity and musicality, students are developing athleticism, technical skills and confidence.

Cost and Tickets
Performer Fee $20
Front Row $15
Riser Seating $10
General $6

Registration and ticket sales will begin April 1st!


Are there extra rehearsals?
All routines are taught during class. There are no extra rehearsals

How do I sign up for the show?
All enrolled students will be billed for the Performer Fee in their April statements. Simply pay that fee along with your tuition. If you will not be able to participate, email us at or call our office at 949-589-1512 and inform the front office staff. Once requested, they will remove the fee from your account.

Can I choose my own show day and time?
Most of our classes have open enrollment, which means you can select your show day and time. You may select your show day and time when you purchase tickets. If your specific class has an assigned show day and time the schedule will show only 1 option. There are only a few cast spots and costumes available for each show. We encourage you to select your show day and time and pick up your tickets as soon as possible. Spots do sell out and tickets go fast!

Do I need to purchase a costume?

This show will be a little different in that we are asking performers to wear their own bathing suit. We will costume around the bathing suits. A few groups of performers will be wearing costuming that requires a skin toned leotard underneath (available in the Elite Boutique).

Can I purchase tickets at the door?
We always sell out of tickets a few days before. We highly recommend you purchase your tickets well in advance.

I have a baby, can I bring a stroller in the theater?
Unfortunately, there are no strollers allowed in the theater. Staging, props and theater seating takes up a lot of space. With staff, photographers and camera crews running around, we need to keep the walkways clear of obstructions.

Does my toddler need a ticket?
You only need to buy tickets for children who need a seat. Unfortunately there is no area on the floor for children to sit and watch.

My child is in multiple shows, can I reserve seats so I don’t have to wait in line?
Many of our students are in multiple shows. To be fair to those who came early to line up, we clear the theater between shows.

How early do I have to arrive the day of the show?
We ask that performers arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before their show time. Please keep in mind that our shows are one right after the other, therefore, all our staff and costumes will still be in use. Once the kids are in costume backstage and the lights are off, it is very hard for us to tend to late comers. Please be on time.

Can I take photos?
We realize this is a very special day for the performers, as well as family and friends. We encourage you to take lots of photos and video before the show starts, as we will be changing the performers quickly. Please share them with us on social media. You can find us on Instagram @cal_elite and facebook CalElite1. We ask that you avoid any flash photography during the show, as we have athletes performing dangerous tricks throughout the performance.