Level 1 gymnastics is the foundation to all great gymnastics at Cal Elite! There are over 30 skills taught in Level 1! Level 1 gymnasts learn forward rolls, straddle rolls, backwards rolls, chassés, handstands, cartwheels and back bends on a wedge mat. There’s more! Level 1 students master the vault approach with proper form and technique, and strengthen their hurdle and rebound skills on the spring board. On the bars, Level 1 students will work on the upper body strength needed to hold their chin above the bar, and the core strength needed to hold their legs at a 90 degree angle. They will practice 5 second flex arm holds, 5 second L-hang holds and straddle L taps. Level 1’s are busy on beam with skills such as relevés, dip walks, straight jumps, pivot turns and high kicks. Level 1 is an important class that requires consistency and commitment. Gymnastics is an exciting turning point as students are maturing quickly and able to add more and more skills each month!