Holly Jolly!

Welcome to the HOLLIEST, JOLLIEST show on earth!

Performance Fee and Show Times
Our shows are easy and affordable! We enroll every student in the show and include the $25 Performance Fee in our regular billing. This ensures no one is left out. Show times will be posted in the lobby on November 14th. Select the show of your choice and register for that show at the front desk. Tickets are purchased separately. Don’t forget to buy tickets!

Tickets go on sale November 14th, 2022. Prices are $10, $15 and $20. You may buy 4 tickets per family. One week before the shows begin we will release any remaining tickets for additional purchase. Our shows sell out. Buy your tickets early.

Routines are taught in class. No extra rehearsals! Cal Elite will provide costumes for the show. Girls, for modesty and hygiene, please wear a skin toned leotard under your costume (available to purchase at the front desk) Boys please wear a black t-shirt and black shorts. Teachers will post additional hair or make up suggestions.

Arrival and Theater Safety
Please drop off your performer 20 minutes before show time. Another show will be in progress. Weather permitting, the line to the theater forms around the side of the building. Tickets have assigned seat numbers so there is no need to line up earlier than your drop off time. When you enter the theater, please note that some of our surfaces are padded and elevated. Remove sunglasses and WATCH YOUR STEP AT ALL TIMES. Please do not wear high (spiky) heels as they puncture our training floor.

PLEASE arrive on time. Once the lights go down, the theater will be alive with traveling tumblers, high flying aerialists, and amazing dancers and gymnasts. The shows are only 45 minutes long. Please be respectful toward the other performers and do not leave after your child has performed. It is difficult for us to help guests in or out of the theater while the show is underway. And we are so sorry but we do not have space in the theater for strollers. And lastly, please be patient with our staff and all the performers. It is a big day for everyone!

Flowers and Fun Stuff
We will also have flowers, goodies and holiday gifts for sale during the show.