Who Let A Zoo Loose?

Welcome to the cast!

Cal Elite’s productions are recognized across the nation as the premier children’s athletic performance featuring the talents of child gymnasts, dancers, acrobats, aerialists and tumblers. This year’s spring show is “Who Let a Zoo Loose?” Every Cal Elite child performs – from our tiniest 1 year olds to our national champions! Call the relatives! Invite your neighbors! Your child has a role in the Big Show!

Cost and Tickets

The Big Shows are easy and affordable!

1. Performer’s Fee ($25)

2. Tickets to the show ($10, $15 and $20)

The routines are taught during class. There are no extra rehearsals. And, there are no costumes to buy! For modesty and hygiene, girls should wear a skin toned leotard under their costume (available at Cal Elite – do not wait until the last week!) and boys should wear a white tank and black shorts. Ninjas wear Ninja attire.

Incorporating Skills

Cal Elite’s choreographers create routines for each class that incorporate 10-15 required skills within each level. The routines integrate gymnastics apparatus, dance floors, tumbling floors, trampolines, silks, trapezes and other equipment. You may see balance beams serving as a zoo wall or aerial silks mimicking tropical vines. Block mats may be disguised as a lion’s den and our cargo ladders may serve as the bird atrium. The shows play an important role in our overall curriculum delivery and assessment! Performing helps our students progress. In learning the routines, the students are called upon to focus on timing, team work, cohesion, and performance skills. They learn the benefit of working hard for a shared goal and the joy of sharing their achievement with their family and hundreds of encouraging fans. Through all the creativity and musicality, they are improving their technical skills, athleticism, and performance presentation!

How To Sign Up

1. Pay the $25 performer’s fee included in your March 25th statement.

2. Choose your show date and time (posted in the lobby and online on 4/3).

3. Purchase your show tickets at the front desk (available 4/3) Register EARLY. Our shows sell out. If everyone signs up early, we can monitor our casts and add shows if necessary. Late signs up lead to crowded seating and unavailability of tickets. PLEASE help us manage our numbers by registering early and getting your tickets early!

Theater Etiquette

Weather permitting, the line to the theater forms around the side of the building. Please no strollers. Many of our students are in multiple shows. To be fair, we clear the theater between shows.

Show Schedule Coming April 3rd!