Join us for a magical winter circus celebration as Cal Elite Kids presents, Cirque de Noel! Our annual Holiday Show features our tiniest performers up to our nationally recognized competitive athletes! Call the relatives! Invite your neighbors! Your child is in the Show!

The Big Shows are easy and affordable! We enroll every student in the show and include the Performance Fee in our regular billing. This ensures no one is left out! Show times will be posted in the lobby November 1st. Unless indicated otherwise on the lobby schedules, you will select the show of your choice and register for that show at the front desk. Tickets are purchased separately! Don’t forget to buy tickets!!


  1. Performer’s Fee ($20)
  2. Tickets are $6 for general seating, $10 for risers and $15 for the front row.


The routines are taught in class. No extra rehearsals, no costumes to buy! Girls, for modesty and hygiene, please wear a skin toned leotard underneath your costume (available in the Elite Boutique.) Boys please wear a white t-shirt and black shorts.


Weather permitting, the line to the theater will form around the side of the building. Please no strollers and no saving seats between shows. To be fair to everyone, we clear the theater between shows. Please arrive 20 minutes early, get in line and have someone drop off your child off at his/her designated staging area. Performers will change out quickly after the show.

We will have 15 amazing casts command stage throughout the weekend. We run the shows on a tight schedule so that you’re not here for 2 hours and we’re not performing into the wee hours of the morning. The shows are about 45 minutes long. Please be patient with our dedicated Cirque staff and all the Snow Clowns. It’s a big day for everyone!

Registration and ticket sales begin November 1st! Show options will be posted here and in the lobby. Register EARLY. Get your tickets EARLY.
Our shows sell out!

Click on links below for Showtimes

Aerial Arts

Academy Gymnastics

Preschool Gymnastics


Ninja / Academic Preschool / Tumbling