K-Dance is a Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo class that provides the important foundation for developing your child into a well-rounded dancer. With continued focus on Tap, Ballet and Jazz, this class provides greater emphasis on age appropriate technique and foundational dance sequences. Students learn in a performance based environment, emphasizing form and technique while learning engaging, age appropriate choreography and routines. With increasing skills, content and training time, K-Dance prepares our older preschool dancers for more advanced academy dance classes and team programs.

Twirly Bees

Toddlers love to dance! Twirly Bees class is a ballet/tap/jazz combo class. Kids enjoy 45 minutes of dance with music and song as the backdrop for a fun, yet structured dance class. Ballet teaches them grace and balance which is essential to dance. Tap challenges our toddlers’ auditory and fine motor skills while Jazz helps develop the coordination.

Tutsi Toes

Tutsi Toes provides 30 minutes of baby dance, with a parent by their side. Teachers incorporate music, singing and dance based movement into a fun, interactive dance lesson. Tutsi Toes gain balance, strength and flexibility through this early dance curriculum and enjoy many cognitive benefits through the memorization of songs, and the experience of auditory and physical patterns of dance.