Amazing things happen in Level 3 gymnastics! Expectations increase as ability soars! Strong emphasis is placed on ensuring students continue to develop and maintain excellent form and technique as they begin mastering more advanced skills in all events. Level 3 students will learn front and back walkovers, pike forward rolls to a pink stand, press handstands, front handsprings and back handprings. Level 3 athletes will learn a handstand to flat back on vault, while maintaining strong core body positioning. They will continue to work their pullovers on bars and will learn a cast under swing, cast squat on, double back hip circle, forward stride circle and more. On balance beam, Level 3 gymnasts will learn handstands, split jumps, cartwheels, round off dismounts, and back walkovers. Everything in Level 3 is executed with increased precision, accuracy and strength as students prepare for Level 4, with team options and competitive opportunities at Cal Elite.