We know it is important to continually recognize athletes for their progress. The Squad Program classes are invitational gymnastics classes that provide our gymnasts with the opportunity to train in a ‘team’ environment with similarly talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic gymnasts. The squad Program is voluntary. There is only one criteria to being on a squad: “Sticking with it!”

Two Pea Squad (Independent – by invitation only) – This class is for Two peas ready to do class independently. It is by invitation only. If a parent feels their child is ready for the Two pea Squad, we recommend they start in a Two Pea class so they can be assessed by a Sweet Pea instructor. To move into a Two pea Squad class, students must demonstrate that they: 1) are comfortable away from parent in the classroom setting.  2) can follow simple instructions (ex: “sit on your blue circle; raise your hands above your head; show me that skill one more time, etc”).  3) demonstrates appropriate social behavior with other students in class.

Three Pea Squad, Four Pea Squad, Five Pea squad – Our Preschool squad classes are for students who have experience in our Sweet pea gymnastics program. Student are invited to our Squad program when they demonstrate the following indicators: 1) a fundamental understanding of the gymnastics concepts and skills in their level 2) demonstrate appropriate social behavior (ex: sharing with friends; waiting their turn; following instructions; staying with their class; etc) 3) Can start and finish class independently