Cirque du Paris

Our shows are easy and affordable! We automatically enroll every student in the show and include the $25 Performance Fee in our regular billing. Show times will be posted in the lobby on April 5th. You simply select the show of your choice, register for that show at the front desk and purchase your tickets.

Tickets go on sale on April 5th. Tickets are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Prices are $10, $15 and $20. Our shows sell out. Buy your tickets early!

Cal Elite will provide costumes for the show. For modesty and hygiene, girls should wear a skin toned leotard under their costume (available in the Elite Boutique) and boys should wear a white or black t-shirt and black shorts. Teachers will post hair or make up suggestions. Guests, do not wear spiky high heels as they puncture our training floor. We will ask you to remove them before entering the theater.

Arrive 15 minutes before show time and drop you performer off at his/her designated area. Another show may be in progress. Tickets have assigned seat numbers so there is no need to line up earlier than your drop off time. In order to allow the prior show to exit the theater, we ask that you line up outside around the building. When you enter the theater, please note that some of our surfaces are padded and elevated. Remove sunglasses and WATCH YOUR STEP.

PLEASE arrive on time. Once the lights go down, the theater will be alive with tumblers, high flying aerialists, dancers and gymnasts. The shows are only 45 minutes long. It is difficult for us to help guests in or out of the theater after the show is underway. Lastly, we are so sorry but we do not have space in the theater for strollers.

We have lots of goodies available at the concession stand as well as flowers and gifts for the performers. Please help us keep our training areas clean by enjoy your treats before you enter the theater.

Below are the Cirque Du Paris shows schedules. Please keep in mind that spots must be reserved in person at the time you are picking up tickets. We cannot guarantee performance spots or tickets over the phone. They are first come first serve.

The Eras Tour

RECITAL DATE: June 15, 2024. Each class will be assigned their show day and time.

VENUE: Capistrano Valley High School

Includes trophy, costume, tights, rentals and all technical administrative theater fees.

Show A: 10:30 a.m.
Show B: 1:00 p.m.

Your class will be assigned a show time at a later date. Show times are typically determined by April 1st.

COSTUMES: Your child’s costume will be ordered upon receiving your registration and therefore not refundable.

DRESS REHEARSAL: June 14, 2024 at Capistrano Valley High School. We will be providing more detailed information as the event gets closer.

PHOTOS: Individual and group photos will be taken June 14th at Orange Lutheran High School Theater. These photos are sold separately. Photo assignments will be given at a later date.

QUESTIONS: Please contact Recital Coordinator, Leslie Daniels

Tickets will be available for purchase May 15th at 9:00 a.m. Please click on your performer’s show time to purchase your tickets.

All ticket sales are final.



4nd Annual TRY-Athlon is geared towards kids 3-12 years old. Get your bikes and trikes! Get your racing suit or swim diaper! Grab your sneakers! Its time to race! Cal Elite is excited to announce our 2023 annual TRY-Athlon for kids. This is a supervised event. Little ones will have a parent by their side. School age athletes will race on their own as skills allow. Our goal is to introduce our athletes to the fun adventures swimming can bring them!

August 24th
5:00 pm
$30 per participant
All participants will received a trophy upon finishing the race.


It’s time to show off your SUPER swim skills and bask in your achievements! BIG SWIM DAY gives swimmers the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have been mastering in the pool. Students will show progressions in buoyancy, breathing, floating, gliding and kicking. They will show their individual accomplishments in their strokes, speed and proficiency. There will also be a focus on safety in and around the pool – for both students and parents. This is a TROPHY celebration day! Let’s get on the blocks, take some photos and celebrate swimming!

July 27th
Rotations start at 1:00 pm