Can we reserve a day that does not appear on the website? 

If there is a day that is not on the website, it typically means that the party is already booked, or that day is unavailable for some reason (gym maintenance, event, etc.).  Please email Katie at for questions about a specific date. 

What should we bring? 

Families will need to bring simple decorations for the party room, paper goods (tablecloths, plates, napkins, utensils, cups, etc.), and food/drinks/dessert for their guests.

What kind of decorations can we bring? 

Party hosts have a 30 minute window to set up. We ask that you please keep this in mind when selecting items for your party, and just bring decorations that can realistically be set up during this time. Most families bring additional balloons, and centerpieces. You can tape a few things to the wall and windows with limitation. Please no holes or tape that will damage windows and paint or drywall.

Can we bring in our own balloons for Cal Elite to inflate with helium? 

Yes!  There is an additional fee for the helium, and we can’t guarantee that the balloons won’t accidentally pop, as we aren’t professional balloon inflaters.  For regular latex balloons, the cost is $15 for 12 additional balloons.  For mylar balloons, the cost is per balloon as they are bigger and require more helium.  Typically, they are between $3 and $10 per balloon, depending on the size.  If you would like an exact cost, please coordinate to meet with our Party Coordinator and she can estimate a total cost for you,

What about tables? 

The standard party package includes up to six rectangle tables – three in the middle of the room for children to eat at, and three along the back wall for food/drinks/dessert/goodie bags.  Open Gym and Sweet Pea parties have setups in the lobby and a different number/layout of the tables. The tables are 6 feet long by 2 ½ feet wide, and the disposable rectangular tablecloths work perfectly for them.  If you want or need more tables please let us know, we may be able to accomodate your request.

How much time do we have to setup/decorate? 

Parties at Cal Elite are extremely limited. Our parties run back to back in order to fit a few each weekend and therefore have a strict 30 minute window for set up prior to your party start time. This 30 minute window does not apply to all party packages. Please visit our Party Page to review each party package. If your party includes the 30 minute window, you will have party coaches who will help you bring everything in from your car and will help you decorate the party room.  Once your party begins, the coaches will have to leave the party room and go downstairs to take care of the children.  The coaches will not be able to remain in the party room after this time.  If there are still items that need to be set up, you are welcome to remain in the party room if you would like, and finish decorating.

Unfortunately we cannot extend set up time. Chances are the party before you is clearing out.

Can we bring in a vendor – ice cream truck, character, face painter, etc.? 

Yes! Some vendors are allowed with some limitations. Vendors are not allowed in the gym itself, and food can’t be eaten inside the gym (training areas).  Vendors may set up in the lobby, the party room, or outside. If you wish to contract a vendor, please communicate with our event coordinator immediately. Our event coordinator will confirm if the vendor is approved and also review the timeline for the day. To ensure the safety of the children, we cannot allow children to go in and out of the building and into the parking lot throughout the party.

Important: We require a copy of the vendor’s certificate of liability insurance, naming Cal Elite as an additional insured.  We must have this before the party, and it can be emailed to Katie at

Do you have a refrigerator or freezer that we can use? 

We do not have a fridge available for party use. The party room is air conditioned, but if you wish to keep something on ice you can bring small coolers. We do not recommend ice cream cakes as we cannot guarantee that it will be at the desired temperature when it’s time to serve it.

Can I have my food delivered to Cal Elite? 

Yes!  Food can be delivered however we do recommend that it is delivered during set up or before the kids make their way upstairs after play time. Our hostess will communicate when the delivery driver arrives so that you can confirm the order is correct.

Can parents drop off their children at my child’s party? 

Children 5 and older can be dropped off. Children younger than that must have an adult with them at all times. The party host (parent hosting the event) is required to confirm that each child participant has filled out the party waiver and that you have some way of contacting the child’s parent in case of an emergency. Our event coordinator will also be confirming that each participant has a waiver on file.

An adult will need to stay with the child(ren) who are being dropped off until the party begins, and when the party ends, host (parent hosting the event) is responsible for ensuring the child has been picked up by a parent or guardian.

Does the building have an elevator? 

We do not have an elevator.  Staff will help you carry everything upstairs to the party room.  Strollers and wagons need to be left downstairs.  If there is a guest who needs accommodations, please reach out to our Event Coordinator BEFORE booking your party. We will go over the options we have on the desired party date.

What should the children wear? 

Please ask your participating guests to wear comfortable clothing they can jump and move in. Hair should be pulled back, and leave any jewelry, belts, buckles, hooded sweatshirts, oversized or loose clothing, zippers, headbands, tiaras, and barrettes at home. Party guests can wear socks or have bare feet. Comfortable shorts or pants and a T shirt is a good choice.  If you have a birthday child who would like to wear a fancier outfit (such as a princess dress or a superhero costume), you can bring it with you and your child can change when the party moves up to the party room. 

Can we go back into the gym at the end of the party?   

Unfortunately no. We have limited availability in our party program and the gym floor is always in use. More often than not, we have that floor booked out back to back making it hard for us to allow kids back onto the floor.

What if I want a longer party? Can I add more time? 

We have limited availability in our party program and the gym floor is almost always in use for classes, team workouts, facility events or other parties. The only option we have for an extended party would be to reserve the two party slots on Sunday. 

What if I have questions or concerns during my party? 

Our Event Coordinator will be in the facility the day of your party to make sure things run smoothly. She will be happy to answer your questions, greet your guests, ensure waivers are signed, meet your food delivery drivers, work with the coaches if you would like a change to the activities selected for the day (if possible!), and be there for you in any way needed.  Please feel free to let her know about anything that comes up and she will do whatever she can to make sure you have a great experience! 

Is it customary to tip the staff? 

Gratuity is not included or expected, but it is always appreciated!  Please note that we are unable to accept credit cards or give out staff’s personal Venmo accounts for tips, so cash is the preferred method of payment for gratuity.