About Cal Elite

Cal Elite is an amazing training and activity center for kids! We offer educational programs and activities for children 4 months – 18 years old. We provide professional athletic instruction in gymnastics, ninja and tumbling. Children can enjoy these programs as well athletic sports camps, supervised Open Gym, and Parents’ Night Out.

Cal Elite’s athletic curriculum is performance based, meaning, our students train to perform. Performing adds tremendous accountability. Our learning objectives are progressive and challenging with a focus toward excellence at all levels. We have many special events and activities designed to challenge our students. These special events give occasion to showcase and applaud their many accomplishments. Students participate in high level athletic productions complete with staging, lighting, costuming, sets and choreography. Our productions feature student gymnasts and tumblers – of all skill levels and experience. Industry experts from all over the world come to study Cal Elite’s athletic programs and performances.

We take pride in serving all children well. We know that children thrive in environments where they have opportunities to achieve and be recognized.